Training Strategy for IELTS

We start our IELTS Course with English grammar as we believe that a strong foundation in grammar is essential for higher scores in the four modules of IELTS examination.

Listening Module

We begin with basic listening practice in letters of English alphabet, numbers, names, dates, words, phrases and simple dialogues in British, Australian and American accents. Important points are explained at this stage. Once the basic skills are mastered by the candidates, 30 to 40 full practice tests are administered which will make them confident of scoring 7 or above band score. We have an audio station with 23 headphones that provides realistic listening test practice.

Reading Test

Our speciality is to build a strong vocabulary among the trainees so as to easily comprehend the main idea, key words, supporting sentences and developing sentences in a paragraph of a reading passage. This approach is found to be very useful. Tips to answer the different types of questions in the Reading Tests are discussed in the class. 30 to 40 mock tests are administered during the training, giving the candidates enough experience and confidence in the examinations.

Writing Tasks

There are two writing tasks to be answered in this test in one hour. The task 1 of academic module is to write a formal description of a given bar chart, line graph, pie chart, table or their combinations or a process in not less than 150 words within 20 minutes. Similarly, Task 2 is to write an essay of not less than 250 words in 40 minutes. Both writing tasks require good knowledge of sentence structure, vocabulary and ability to write coherently in formal English language. We give a lot of emphasis to this module and trainee’s works are corrected regularly for improvement. Initially, the topics are discussed in the class and later the trainees develop their own strategy to write their assignments.


Our speaking practice classes are well stream lined beginning with basic sentence to more developed sentence in a progressive manner. Individual speaking practice sessions are held regularly. Our strategy involves role plays, story telling and compulsory English speaking in the Academy.

Audio / Video Teaching Aids

We use PC based training aids and other audio/video teaching aids. Extensive training materials are provided to students for class works. We believe “Practice makes one perfect” (Francis Bacon).